Werner is the founder and CEO of BeCe Carbon Experts GmbH, which has been established in October 2010. Since 2013 he has further been taking on the role as Executive Chairman for the cooperative society verico SCE that stands out due to its multiple services including but not limited to the verification of EU-ETS project, the certification of energy management systems and consulting services in regard to crucial issues such as renewable energies, emissions, carbon footprint and CSR. As external service provider he also runs the operations office and has been assigned as the General Manager of the D.I.A., a global acting association of auditing companies, which are accredited by UN for performing validation and verification services according to the flexible mechanisms of the Kyoto Protocol.

Before starting this activity he worked for two and a half years with a London based company which is specialized in equity investment by the use of carbon market instruments. There he has been responsible for assessing and managing risks in new investment ideas which enter the pipeline as well as in supporting projects through their way to UN registration. In his position, prior to that, he has been global head of climate change services at a global acting independent technical inspection and auditing company (DOE) with head office in Munich. Under his responsibility during that engagement one of the globally leading verification/certification companies in CDM and JI as well as in EU-ETS and renewable energy certification schemes has been formed. As chairman of the DOE/AE Forum in 2007 he launched some well recognized interactions with the CDM Executive Board. He can refer to a global network of climate change experts.

His background as physicist, as auditor and more than a decade activities in environmental monitoring, environmental impact assessment, accreditation and international project management proves his unique competence which he could already gather before joining the climate change arena in 2000. Thus his experiences and capabilities cover the whole scope of technological and regulatory instruments and enable essential and professional input to the decision making process of investments, to the design of projects and to their conform implementation in a wide range of economies and technologies.